Diagnostic Ultrasound now at Frankston Foot Clinic

by Tom McKenzie

Frankston Foot Clinic now has in-rooms diagnostic ultrasound to assist in the diagnosis of pain and injury in the foot/ankle. Ultrasound is a quick, cheap and non-invasive way of viewing strcutures in the foot/ankle and can give both patient and practitioner valuable information to help guide treatment options.

What is diagnostic ultrasound?

Diagnostic ultrasound is a means by which we can image structures in the foot and ankle. Ultrasound is best suited to looking at soft tissue structures including tendon, ligament and fascia but can also aid in the assessment of joint and bone pathology. Ultrasound uses high frequency sound waves that reflect off the structures in the foot to provide an image on the screen. Unlike xray and CT scans, ultrasound contains no ionising radiation and has been shown to be completely harmless to human tissue.


What are the benefits of diagnostic ultrasound?

With the use of ultrasound our podiatrists can quickly assess for pathology in the foot/ankle and use this information to help guide treatment options. The process can take as little as 5 minutes and is a cheap and non-invasive way of giving the podiatrist and patient extra valuable information to be used in conjunction with the clinical findings. Ultrasound also provides a means by which the podiatrist can guide interventions including local anaesthetic and corticosteroid injections when indicated.


Ultrasound machine with transducer


Ultrasound image of the plantar fascia

What structures is it commonly used to assess?

As mentioned earlier, ultrasound is best used to view soft tissue structures. The most common structures that are imaged using ultrasound include the plantar fascia, achilles tendon, tibialis posterior tendon and peroneal tendons. Ultrasound can also help check for forefoot pathologies including morton’s neuroma/neuritis, intermetatarsal bursitis and plantar plate tears (pain under the front of the foot).


How much does it cost?

There is currently no extra charge for use of the ultrasound during an appointment. If an injection is required then there may be a small charge to cover the cost of the associated consumables.


If you feel like a diagnostic ultrasound assessment may be of value to you, please contact the clinic to chat with one of our podiatrists or to make an appointment.