Avoid scary feet this summer!!!

The dreaded bitter winter is finally over and that finally means warmer weather! With spring slowly heating up, summer is only around the corner. The upcoming heat is sure to have you sweltering in the sun, and it’s a time many of us neglect our feet. Here are a few tips to help you over the coming months

by Harminder Rayat

Moisturise moisturise moisturise – Open shoes

worn in the heat strip the moisture from our feet,

often leading to dry, calloused and cracked skin on

our feet. Applying moisturiser daily can be an

effective solution.


Biomechanical factors – The build-up of callous

may accelerated by pressure points by simple

things like the way that we walk. A gait

assessment can uncover factors like these.


Cracked skin – Especially severe cracks around the

heels can very quickly develop into secondary

bacterial infections. Not only is this painful, but

can be particularly problematic for those who are

elderly, have poor circulation, or are diabetic.


Avoid going barefoot if you're at risk! –Additionally,

those individuals above may also be at higher risk

of problems to their feet if they accidentally injure

their feet while barefoot. Diabetic foot wounds in

particular can be nasty and hard to get rid of.


Flat thongs aren’t ideal – Lots of good alternatives like Orthaheel are still thongs but have built-in arch support and are much better for the feet. There are even some sandal varieties with removable insoles so you can fit your own orthotics in them!


Runners are your friend – Many runners are closed but are still designed to breathe and can keep your feet cool and dry. When playing sport these types of shoes are still best, rather than going barefoot.


Be cautious around water – Warmer weather often means more time at the beach or pool. Public showers can be swimming (no pun intended) with nasty bugs that can leave you with tinea and fungal nail infections. Try and always keep your feet covered in these areas.


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